Saturday, November 24, 2007

Chess at Work

Hi everybody! I'm still circling, but this time with Mikhail Tal's Winning Chess Combinations. It's such an awesome book you have no idea. It's the perfect follow-up to 7 circles of CTB. Anyways, I'm back in the blogosphere to get everybody's opinion on something...

What's the best job to have so you can play chess all day? The only thing that comes to mind is to be a security guard at a low profile site. I was also thinking maybe to be a head librarian of a small historic library. Does anybody have any ideas? Because I'm getting in trouble a little too much at my job for playing chess. Now nobody there knows I play chess or am even interested in it, but after I complete my work for the day I never "take the initiative" and "create more work for me to do" blah blah blah. Like I care if I'm good at my dead end job or not. 5 or 10 years from now I will not remember my near minimum wage salary keeping me and my wife's head slightly above water. I will remember all the hours I spent there honing my skills as a badass chessplayer manifested in beautiful combinations over the board.

So I ask all of my fellow Knights and chess bloggers, what is the perfect job for an improving chess player?

Winner of the best answer will receive a pdf file of Mikhail Tal's Winning Chess Combinations via email!


Glenn Wilson said...

Night desk clerk at a quiet motel.

Chess coach / teacher.

Chess hustler.

Phone sex operator...or any work from home telephone support type of job...

likesforests said...

Network monitor, night shift.

I once had a job where I was supposed to watch a computer screen for red alerts and switch the backup tapes twice. On a typical night I had 30 min of work. My girlfriend at the time worked the night shift at a local hotel and she had about 2 hrs of work per night. She had a couch and a TV, but I had the Internet and she was robbed twice at gunpoint that year, so I think my job was better!

BlunderProne said...

Pay a doctor to say you threw your back out? Collect Worker's comp? I dunno... I'm an engineer and have to dodge my manager by having a rear view mirror on my monitor and a quick click to my "work".

happyhippo said...

I feel your pain.

I got into trouble at work a while back because I played too much chess (not during work) but because my desk is cluttered with chess material ie. boards, books, CDs/DVDs + chess pieces.

I work in a laboratory and the lab usually gets visits from potential customers, and these customers tend to be CTOs from major financial and educational institutions etc.

One day, my boss pulled me aside and dropped a little "hint" that having a chess board that occupies half my work area and displaying a position from the Immortal Game didn't look really "professional" and wasn't the exact kind of "image" a lab engineer should have.

Since then, my chess boards now resides at the lab bookshelf (which just happens to be next to my workspace *grin*).

chessloser said...

perfect desk job for a chess player would be a lighthouse keeper. or a government employee.

iw said...


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Temposchlucker said...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

right now 2 people are tied for 1st place! Keep your answers coming, there are only a few days left before this contest ends! The 2 winners should expect their pdf by the end of the week :D

Adam said...

I have a friend who is an archivist, he works an evening shift and he has a lot of time on the job to indulge his love of the royal game.

Don't know if this will work out as well for you as some of these other suggestions, but here's hoping! I've been trying to track down an affordable copy of Tal's Winning Chess Combinations for some time now. Good luck in your new job!

transformation said...

good to see you back here.

job security is important, dont forget that!

chess cannot get you a job, but a job can give you more access to chess study, income, time, access to transportation, and peace of mind. keep your job. you need a job to negotiate a better job, if it comes to that.

be careful.

Anonymous said...

Any kind of manual labor would suit you just fine. It leaves lots of time for thinking and visualizing any chess position you want.

Anonymous said...

Whatever work it is will be a labor of love.

Anonymous said...

I think the answer to this question is obvious: Full Time musician!!

That is what I do and I have PLENTY of time to study chess.

Anonymous said...

how about you take up a part-time job teaching other people how to play chess? that will give you lots of practice time, and while you help others, you will be helping yourself. of course you probably cannot apply for a job like this... you gotta create the opportunity for yourself and advertise that you teach chess or something.

i did this with drumming. made some insane improvements over a few years.

erad1288 said...

My personal belief would be that a merchant, as in an online buyer/seller would be the easiest way to concentrate on chess. It would take maybe a half an hour to purchase a given amount of materials, and another half an hour to put them up for sale on sites like ebay, which leaves the rest of the day open for all the chess you want.

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