Sunday, May 6, 2007

Why haven't retards taken over the chess world?

Now I'm not talking about your run of the mill retard, I'm talking about those autistic savant genius retards. If they really have such incredible mental abilities, why isn't the #1 chess player in the world retarded?


chessloser said...

that is so wrong....but you have a good point. sadly, i am your run of the mill retard, not the gifted genius version...

Anonymous said...

The continuin antics of Bobby Fischer don't count? How about Sam Sloan (USCF director. Go to his web site)

Blue Devil Knight said...

I agree with anonymous. The retards have taken over the chess world. You've got Kramnik pacing back and forth in the bathroom like rainman with OCD, Topalov stalking him like a creepy Law and Order SVU criminal, and Fischer going on insane rants that make no sense. But any one of them could kick our ass at chess.

transformation said...

according to the many times chess champion of the USA, whos name is unmentioned in the way of tact, he tells me that Ivanchuk, four or five in the world is probably autistic. he is a true genius, a semi autistic savant (has committed to memory over one hundred russian poems, and as is well known, is AS comfortable blindfold as looking at board, see photo of him my post, jan i think it was!).

this genius went up to this other very bright GM who was American, and said:

"i hear that you, you called me a bad dude. what is dude?!!" now just hear this in russian accented english, angry... "dude. what is dude? YOU called me dude!!! you call me do do?" very visably upset.

then this GM said: "Vasily, you dont understand. Bad dude is like clint eastwood. Bang, bang, bang. that kind of bad. he is a bad dude! you are a bad dude [at chess]"

"oh, like clint eastwood. im a BAD dude!" smiling.

The Rise and Shine Good Knight said...

thats a cute story :)

I wish I could play just as good blindfolded as regular, that would be amazing. I would be showing off all the time..

Tim said...

It took a while for the worlds fastest computer to beat the worlds best human chess player. I think that is because there is a sort of empathy in chess. Tricking the opponent.

Anonymous said...

Blue Devil Knight:

"Kramnik pacing back and forth in the bathroom like rainman with OCD"


Most autistic people have difficulty in understanding the concept of other people being really human and not just objects.

I think that it might be that to play chess really well you need to be aware of the opposition as having plans which may or may not change during the game. It doesn't matter how many millions of positions you know, or how clever you are at moving your own pieces if you don't get what your opponent's long-term aim is.

Minnie said...

Good post.

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