Thursday, May 24, 2007

MIA for a while

I've been gone for some quite some time. Unfortunately, I have not been playing a lot of chess in between. However all of that changed today! I'm back on my regimen full blast :)

Not only that but I received my incredibly cheap copy of fritz a few short days ago thanks to the link hisbestfriend placed on his sidebar. Now I can finally get my Rybka to work! The Fritz/Rybka dual analysis setup is probably the best you can get on a PC. It's far better than my previous Crafty/ChessMaster 10th edition setup thats for sure.

I've also made some progress in my blindfold chess drills. I've learned to break the board up into components rather than trying to visualize a vast maze of alternating colors. Check it out:

Granted, everyones mind works differently and there are infinite ways to break up the board. I find using this approach works well for me. You've got your base squares, one with a black X, one with a white X. Then you've got your connecting pieces, one with whites on the outside and ones with blacks on the outside. And of course you've got the center. Put it all together and you've got the board!


Korsmonaut said...

Cool idea. I've been quartering up the board, further subdividing it might help even more.

Blue Devil Knight said...

To help me visualize, I have a system whereby I break it up into sixty-four sectors. Of different sizes.

There is a cool site that discusses board visualization here. He breaks it up into the measly four quadrants (symmetry is a hobgoblin of little minds!).

chessloser said...

blindfold chess? you are at a waaaay different level than i'll ever be. i can't even play when i'm looking right at the pieces...rock on man! glad to see you back...

Chess Teaching said...

A nice way to break up the board.

It may be usefull for other purposes than blindfold chess.