Saturday, May 12, 2007

Lots of Pain

Well after a year of needing it, I finally went ahead and got reconstructive knee surgery for a torn ACL + meniscus. I envisioned myself playing a lot of chess in the post op period. Boy was I wrong.

I don't feel so nauseas anymore, but that has only been replaced by an excruciating throbbing pain all over my leg. Needless to say, chess has not been a priority.

The picture above is a very accurate depiction of my current emotional state :(

In brighter news, today is the culmination of all the BASIC chess league tutoring, in the form of a huge scholastic tournament pitting together the best and brightest from all the YMCA's in the city!

Me and Johnny hold down the largest and loudest of the YMCA's at the Central Branch. We've got some dangerous players that not only know how to castle and develop their pieces, but do so on a regular basis ;)

I've got high hopes for our kids, and win or lose it should be a good time with free pizza and trophies for all! :)

Now I'm off to hobble over to the Navy Yard with plenty of Percosets on hand, it should be an exciting tournament :D


chessloser said...

damn dude, i hope the knee heals well and the pain ends soon. enjoy the percoset!
have fun at the tournament...

The Rise and Shine Good Knight said...

thanks man :)