Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Welcome to Hell

Hello! I've officially entered the 5th stage of CTB Studies, so in the coming days the problems will be a lot harder and a lot more epiphaniacious.

Check out my vocab.

Is that sexy or what?

Anyways, here's what I did today:


Read through Concentric Square Exercise Solutions

Concentric squares
a. 2:00 of randomized king and rook placement
b. 2:00 of randomized king and bishop placement
c. 3:00 of randomized king and knight placement
d. 1:00 of randomized king and queen placement

Sight Drills
a. 2:00 of randomized knight placement
b. 2:00 of randomized bishop placement
c. 1:00 of randomized rook placement
d. 2:00 of randomized queen placement

IQ Test -> 3:41

15:00 of Chess Eye <- I'm on exercise 3 and it's getting interesting.. :) Seven Circles -> 1018/1312

In other news, the local kids at the YMCA are improving greatly! I played about 10 little kids while giving them advice on how to play better chess :) Some of them are starting to understand that it's important to develop your minor pieces before engaging the enemy. Most of the kids are so kamikazeish (vocab is so sweet today) that the deciding factor in the games comes down to who is patient enough not to lose their pieces to a premature attack.

I also recently received my copy of Pandolfini's Weapons of Chess! This way I can supplement my tactics training with some basic strategy. The book is perfect for a regimen like mine. Each lesson is on a different strategic theme that can be read in 5 min or less. Perfect for the train or carpool. I'll probably start the next chapter of Silman's Endgame Course and play some FICS to close out the night :)

See you tomorrow!


Blue Devil Knight said...

Damn dude you are cranking through CTB! How long do you spend on a problem? How is your performance? I imagine that by Phase 5 I'll be down to around 70% on my first circle.

The Rise and Shine Good Knight said...

I guess that 2:40:00 each day is paying off! :)

I usually spend as long as it takes on a problem until I understand it. And I'll ask for clues after five minutes of struggling.

Right now when I click on user statistics it says I have a success rate of 85%. But as I get deeper into the fifth phase that should begin to drop precipitously ;)