Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Slowly but Surely

Circle 1 is almost completed!

I think it will take another 2 days before I'm ready for round 2.

DAY 12
IQ Test - 2:50

Seven Circles -> 1180/1312

DAY 13
IQ Test - 2:46

Seven Circles -> 1225/1312

DAY 14
IQ Test - 2:25

Seven Circles -> 1255/1312

So I was watching the movie Searching for Bobby Fischer the other day, when I realized how awful it was. I remember watching it as a kid and loving it, but watching it now makes me want to strangle his parents. They are probably the most annoying movie parents ever portrayed in all of cinema history.

That got me to thinking, are there any good chess movies?

For such a large international community of players, there aren't any movies that really romanticize the game. And it is a very romantic game..

I think we are long overdue for a classic movie to do for chess what Rounders did for poker.

What do you guys think?


Blue Devil Knight said...

The Luzhin Defense also sucked, unfortunately. Searching for Bobby was better.

There is an old episode of Columbo that is really good which features a transparent Fischer knockoff (a crazy genius). I think it's in the first season. It has a great chess scene in an Italian restaurant.

The Rise and Shine Good Knight said...

oh!! I remember that one!

the most dangerous match..

chessloser said...

i'm gonna have to disagree with blue devil knight, i really liked the luzhin for others, i have an idea for a kick ass chess movie, that, given the time and ability, i would make...i'm gonna blog about it sometime soon...

The Rise and Shine Good Knight said...

Yeah I should check out the Luzhin Defense, John Turturro is always great :)