Friday, April 20, 2007


DAY 16
IQ Test - 1:55 <- I made it under 2!
Seven Circles - 1312/1312 1 down, 6 to go :D

Well I learned that I need a LOT of work on my endgame. My ELO dropped more than 100 points in the last 100 problems :(

Anyways, here are my numbers for the 1st merry go round:

CTB Circle 1
ELO: 1503
Success: 83%

Not bad for my first run, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. In case you were wondering, my real chess ELO is nowhere near that high. I'm probably somewhere in the 1300's.

I'm still looking for a great chess movie and there's a new one available online for your viewing pleasure called the Queen of Cactus Cove. I really liked it, it's a sweet coming of age film about best friends who compete against each other in a chess tournament. There's a lot of accurate chess playing in the movie along with the greatest use of subtitles ever. All in all, it's a very enjoyable way to spend 18 min. Plus this kid was hilarious :D

In conclusion, that up on the top has got to be the ugliest picture I've ever posted on this site.

Enjoy ;)


Blue Devil Knight said...

Nice. That graphic is truly disturbing.

BlunderProne said...

What IS that thing? Is that supposed to be Caissa?

C'est la vie!

I liked Hippo and Dog.

Cratercat said...

If you're looking for chess movies, don't miss "Luzhin's Defence" based on Nabakov's novel "The Defence". John Turturro plays the main character in this film.

The Rise and Shine Good Knight said...

I heart John Turturro