Saturday, April 14, 2007

First Circle feeling like a Purple Nurple (sp?)

The problems are getting harder but I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I should be done with my first in a few days :)

I changed my blog settings to allow anonymous comments!

You are now free to cuss me out to your hearts content ;)

Or if you're not much of an internet badass, remember that ass kissing is always welcome.

DAY 10
IQ Test - 2:22

Seven Circles -> 1086/1312

DAY 11
IQ Test - 2:43

Seven Circles -> 1129/1312

I'm still doing the aforementioned drills, but I figure everybody already knows the regimen so I'll stop posting it every time.

Anyhoo, a new and exciting blog to watch is hardcore pawnography. Very funny stuff :D

And I hope that some of you are making your origami chess sets and getting ready to send photos to!

Maybe you need some more motivation..

Just remember that when you're on that desert island, and you come across a chess playing monkey, you're going to be sorry that you didn't learn how to make a chess set out of two pieces of paper.


Anonymous said...


Blue Devil Knight said...

Great work on the circles! Inspiring.

I allow anonymous comments every now and then, but then some jackass comes along and spams every post so I have to turn it off.

That monkey is cool. I hope he bites that girl's face.

transformation said...

great visuals and nice blog. welcome aboard.

i have a few nice visuals of my own, if you...

blue devil once said that i am destined to have the first chess porn site, but, alas, that was from January to March, and i am shifting gears again. i still have a lot of images, but recent ones are... :)

best regards, and sure to see you again, and well wishes in your chess improvment, and fun in so doing.

warmly, david

chessloser said...

hey, i noticed you linked me, and thanks for the shout out on your blog.

color you linked as well.

and that chess origami is pretty cool stuff, i will make a hamfisted attempt at it.

rock on...

The Rise and Shine Good Knight said...

My prayers have been answered!!

Good luck on your origami chess set!

Be sure to send me the pictures :)

Thanks for all of your comments everybody, although I'm not sure I understand what you're alluding to david..

are you coming on to me?

Although I spend hours on end with my friend Chesster I'm not gay in real life ;)

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