Thursday, April 19, 2007

The End is Near!

Almost done!

Everything is looking good right about now..

DAY 15
IQ Test - 2:15

Seven Circles -> 1283/1312

I have to say, I really love the Chess Eye software. Doing those 15 min everyday has really helped me visualize the board and the pieces in my head when I close my eyes. Every day I warm up with 4 min of exercise #3, 3 min of exercise #6, and the rest on the mating drills where I'm up to exercise #9. I just wish that I could have the Chess Eye generated questions on a piece of paper so I could do it without a computer. I could just write down a bunch of exercises from the program but that would be super time consuming :P

As for the other drills, I'm still getting value out of them :)

For example, yesterday I learned that it's a lot easier to visualize the queens path by visualizing the squares that it doesn't cover. This came to me after a week of jumping my opposite color knight around the queens path before it popped out really nicely :D

And today I realized that I've stopped calculating the squares needed to trap a knight on the corner of the board with a queen. There is a beautiful pattern to this too. For example there are 6 squares on a1, 4 squares on a2 and b1, 2 squares on a3 and c1, 3 squares on b2, 1 square on b3 and c2, and 0 squares on c3.

Is that sexy or what?


Anonymous said...

Hola soy de Mexico y recien descubro tu blog me parece muy interezante , me podrias explicar tu tablero en donde pones las casillas para atrapar un caballo con la dama, no le entiendo.
Hello I am from Mexico, and beging to descover your blog and it is very interesting, can you be more explicite on the meaning of your pattern for encircle a knigth in the border, i dont undestent it, thanks in advance, sorry for my bad English but.. I only speak Spanish

The Rise and Shine Good Knight said...

Yeah no problem :D

Imagine a knight on any one of those squares, the number tells how many squares a queen can capture it from on the next move. I didn't show where the squares are, just the number of squares that a queen can take it from on the next move.

I hope that helps :)