Monday, April 2, 2007

Day of Rest

No regimen training today..
I wanted to spend some time with my wife and mondays I teach chess to kids at the local YMCA! :D
The Harvard Chess Club got back from their exhibition match in China so now the chess program is back on :)

The HCC is full of very strong players, most of them 2000 or higher. I think the lowest is a 1800 and the highest is a 2400. That being said, they got absolutely massacred in China.

In past years they've lost, but by narrow margins. This time their best player could only draw at best!

The international aspect of chess is one of its most attractive qualities to me. The fact that the game is so deeply respected in every culture of the world is incredible. I hope that when I become a stronger player I can participate in tournaments all over the world.
That's very much a pipe dream, but it still makes me feel good :)
I'm back on with the training tomorrow, I'll probably just play some games at ICC for today.
See you tomorrow!

P.S. It's very hard to teach chess to little kids when they all are at different skill levels :P

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