Monday, March 26, 2007


I have a few more days to relax and spend some time with my wife before I start my affair with the lovely Chessica ;) We're going up to Maine to celebrate my birthday and have all kinds of crazy fun playing in the mud (it's muddy season) :D

Before we get there though, we'll jump on a bus for a few hours. That being said, let me just say that Yahoo Chess on your cell phone is the greatest invention ever made.


transformation said...

you have much that is very good to contribute. i did comment below you at BDK today, and hope that there is no offence, but i need to be very direct at times, and it is not personal.

your posts are very good, and i realize, that i need to read them more.

best regards, david

fred garvin said...

i used to have yahoo chess on my cell phone until i had to replace my phone. now i can't find the game anywhere. anyone know where i could get it? it was the best chess game for cell phones i thought.