Saturday, March 31, 2007

My brain is hurting

I wasn't so sharp today. I spent a lot of extra time on the sight drills and they seem to have taken up a lot of my energy for the day. It probably didn't help that I only had 4 hours of sleep either :/

But when things got tough, I could hear the soothing sounds of Survivor in my head and I kept going ;)


Concentric Squares
a. rook -> 6:12
b. bishop -> 10:14
c. knight -> 27:58
d. queen -> 2:59

Sight Drills
a. knight -> 7:59
b. bishop -> 12:06
c. rook -> 15:06
d. queen -> 13:36

IQ Test -> 6:13

Seven Circles
a. 1st Circle -> 467/1312

Yahoo Chess Game (without analysis) -> I defeated a 1312 player pretty easily although I let him linger in the game longer than I should have when my attack lost steam. I feel very improved already, not once did I stare at the board without plan. That has always been my problem. Now I have a few plans and I try to find the best one. Without a doubt this was the most enjoyable chess game I've ever played! :D


Quick question for the community: what music do you listen to while playing chess/doing drills? I find that the violent symphonies of Beethoven set the mood for me. What are your thoughts?


Blue Devil Knight said...

I like Pantera before a game, but during the game I like it quiet.

The Rise and Shine Good Knight said...

sweet sweet, I'm all about cowboys from hell >:D

I wonder if any top GM's listen to music while playing..

BlunderProne said...

I did worse while playing with music. During training, I usually have it quiet but occasionally I listen to a variety of R&R that is not too involved ( Pink floyd for instance is rather mellow... Nothing too grinding)

Patrick said...

Pantera, yes.
Opeth, yes.
Dimmu Borgir, Pain of Salvation.

Basically, anything with ballz.

Dredg too.