Saturday, March 31, 2007

Day Two

I kicked it into high gear on day two and I'm feeling good :) I'm going to need this level of intensity every day in order to achieve rapid chess improvement.

I had time to update the concentric square solutions and I added the queen so you can look through the whole drill without a board. Big thanks to Blue Devil Knight for the suggestion :)

Here's the link:


Concentric Squares
a. Rook -> 6:16
b. Bishop -> 11:31
c. Knight -> 24:39
d. Queen -> 2:31

Sight Drills
a. Knight -> 4:01
b. Bishop -> 9:01
c. Rook -> 8:59
d. Queen -> 13:56

IQ Test -> 5:11

Seven Circles
a. 1st circle -> 317/1312


The drills were much easier this time around. I'm really looking forward to when the forking/skewering squares pop out like they do in the knight sight drill.

I've decided to play one game of yahoo chess at the end of the day, with some brief analysis afterwards. It's important to apply the things you learn each day in a game environment. When a football team practices, they start out with simple drills. But at the end of the day, they bring it all together in a game environment against the scout team. Chess shouldn't be any different. Big thanks to Pale Morning Dun for the suggestion :D


Blue Devil Knight said...

Good luck keeping up this intensity! Great solutions manual.

Within four days the concentric squares drills became very easy for me. Within a week I was doing them lightning fast and switching up the square onto which I put the King.

I like the idea of a game a day with a little analysis. When I'm tired I just use Fritz to analyze (blundercheck mode), look for the biggests squiggle against me in the evaluation function, and make sure I understand why that squiggle is there.

The Rise and Shine Good Knight said...

Yea I've been looking for a program to analyze my games and produce one of those +1 0 -1 advantage graphs. Is Fritz something I can download for free? or is it commercial software? Thanks for the comments! Knowing that someone reads my posts helps to keep up my motivation :D